What is Agenda 21 –

Now renamed Agenda 2030.

Our website’s primary purpose is to inform and educate the British public about the mechanism our ancestors put in place to protect us from a despotic government. Since their re-election the British government have not disappointed in the implementation of draconian measures and there are many more to come. It would not matter if Labour or the Greens were elected – they are all controlled by the same puppet-masters. Behind the scenes the policies which drive politics in “western democracies” is the same throughout the region – Agenda 21 and the Nazi-created European Union (1942, Red House Report, European Economic Community=EEC).

If you do nothing else today, and you have already seen our video on Agenda 21 and Article 61, please-please take 20 minutes of your time to listen to the Honourable Ann Bressington who sums up Agenda 21 and its catastrophic policies beautifully.



Agenda 21 Depopulation Map – Next 10 Years

Depopulation of the World - Agenda 21

Depopulation of the World – Agenda 21


  1. Roseanne Reddy

    Well, if we manage to head off ww3 then all that’s left to keep our numbers down is A21. If 90% of us are useless eaters and cattle what does that make our governments? At least most of us are doing no harm. I suggest we start the cull with the political class – if they care so much about earth’s sustainability perhaps they could see their way to volunteering for the euthanasia programme.

  2. Eddy Alder

    Agenda 21/2030 appears to be part of the global psycho elitists plan, dressed up to appeal to the masses as a utopian global solution to all the worlds problems, …
    The flaw in this plan is that it is being over seen by psycho narcissistic elitists who evidentially would like to see the global population genocided, lobotomised or mutated into zombies, that could perhaps interface with artificial intelligence and the human workforce replaced by computers and robots, …
    The few criminal psycho elitists get to have the whole planet for themselves, inheriting all the technologies we and our ancestors have dreamed up and created, all the resources that we, (global population) and our ancestors have mined and manufactured, … The psycho criminal global elitists get to run a feudal style global government, with robots managing, programming and policing the serfs, i.e. the other robots, zombies and slaves in the role of serfs and play things.
    The planet becomes a big game and leisure reserve for the psycho criminal global elitists. The serfs/slaves will be confined to 100% surveillance in human habitation zones i.e. ‘smart’ cities, …
    Sounds like sci-fi but becoming more like reality the longer we all support or let them get away with their despicable crimes.
    Electronic finance/cashless society is almost here, (see Sweden), if we allow or support it. Every transaction being monitored, stored and used for marketing, profiling, … What if the system holds a grudge or wishes to punish you and computer says no when you’re feeling hungry, cold, unwell, … ? Madness to support or allow this to happen, … !!
    It is evident that many jobs are being replaced by technologies. Where is our income going to come from? Are the psycho global elitists going to supply us unconditionally with everything we need or want for eternity, …? Article 61 was designed to prevent tyranny taking hold. Our wise ancestors could not have imagined the extremes of tyranny that we are moving towards in 2016.
    Article 61 has been invoked in 2001, it’s simple, all we need to do is spread the word far and wide asap and stand under it. All that should be left, would be a minority of criminals that will be arrested for their crimes, so we can all live in a safer, fairer, happier, friendlier, wiser, more peaceful and harmonious culture on our planet once and for all.

  3. Eddy Alder

    I think we’ve come to a point where we are either going to dig our own graves, make our own ball and chains or become fully sovereign, get over any fears, support one another in solidarity, stand up and say no to tyranny, corruption, manipulation, scams, lies, cover ups, abuse, injustices, exploitation, disrespect, arrogance, … and read and understand Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 Peace Treaty, learn about the spirit of Common and Constitutional Law, read about Article 61 being invoked in March 2001 as well as in 1688, stand under Article 61 and spread the word far and wide throughout the world and compel and warn all civil servants and people in all organisations that they could be found guilty of Treason or High Treason if they fail to stand under Article 61.

  4. Eddy Alder

    In 2016 we can see the criminal global elitists pushing to close more high street banks and ATM’s in their drive for a cashless society. Apparently Scandinavian countries such as Sweden are currently leading the way with this. It may seem all very convenient, modern and trendy until things go wrong and electronic transactions are unsuccessful and finance is temporarily or permanently inaccessible for whatever reasons, .. Some of us have already experienced theft when institutions have unlawfully transferred finance from bank accounts to pay for ‘fines, taxes’, … that would be unlawful anyway. This just demonstrates that we could lose control of managing our finances when corrupt ‘parties’ can just help themselves to our bank accounts even if we do not wish this to happen. ‘Bail ins’ is another very disturbing possibility that has already been used in Cyprus! This is another example of tyranny that is being imposed upon us ever more! The accessibility to finance becomes less secure as we have seen the unreliability of the banking computer systems and their vulnerability with regards to hacking, virus’s, scamming, … Article 61 has been invoked in 2001 to end all tyranny, corruption, treason, it’s for us all to use by Constitutional command, to protect us and our future generations.

  5. Eddy Alder

    2016 also sees the expansion of ‘smart’ artificial intelligence technologies, t.v.’s, phones, computers, utility meters, even cars, passports, credit cards, ‘white’ goods, motorways and houses are being described as encompassing ‘smart’ technologies. This means an unprecedented increase in surveillance, a growing attack on our privacy, our liberties and rights, data collection, monitoring and trading, profiling. The surveillance global police state that George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and co have described is now well and truly upon us and expanding rapidly. I feel that it would be wise to boycott any ‘smart’ technologies, resist ‘smart’ meters, raise awareness of the potential dangers of these technologies far and wide, insist or choose to use cash even though they are only promissory notes, lobby for a “Bradbury Pound” type currency and use and promote Article 61 of Magna Carta in any which way we can.

  6. Tony Butler

    I fail to understand why mortgage borrowers continue to repay bank debts when both the Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of England have both published the fact, banks do not lend borrowers, either their own, or their depositors’ existing assets but ‘create new money’ to fund them.
    Universal Contract Law clearly states both parties must exchange mutual consideration considered to be of equal value taken from their existing assets.
    A. No mutually signed contract exists.
    B. The Borrowers deposit in the bank a signed promissory note (legal tender)to the value of the loan, plus interest, to be repaid over a number of years. The Bank enters this as a cash deposit made by the borrowers in its Liability Ledger.
    C. Using the promissory note as security the bank allows the borrower credit for the amount stated on it ➖ the interest. It calls this credit ‘New Money’ even though it does not exist. (If it did exist it would be an asset and banks do not lend it’s existing assets.)
    D. The bank also demands the borrower hand over the deeds of the property as security, it has handed over nothing.
    E. If over the period of time the borrower repays the loan with interest, the bank has made tens of thousands of pounds plus interest, with no outlay.
    F. You may realise that the borrower has been swindled out of the value of his repayments, plus interest, but what happened to the borrower’s promissory note? Well in a process known as securitisation, the bank sold it for cash on the stock market and kept it.
    G. Using Banking Fractional Reserve system, the borrower’s promissory note can be used to secure up to ten identical loans – if each of these new borrowers are required to sign a promissory note . . .?

    The point is this: Lawful Rebellion can expose the banking swindle far better than I, using your talented writers, if people are given this message by you, it could swell support.

    1. eddy alder

      I think you’re very good at exposing the banking swindle Tony. It’s a very important issue and another one that exposes the corruption of a tyrannical criminal regime.
      There’s a lot of good information about the banking swindle on youtube and the rest of the internet, it’s quite an extensive subject especially when we look at the history of it all.
      My take on it, is that money is a tool that’s used to control, deceive and manipulate the human race. It try’s to create an illusion that we are all free and the more money we have, then the more power and freedom we have.
      As you explain, ‘money’ is made out of thin air by the fractional reserve scam. As far as i understand promissory notes can no longer be exchanged for gold or silver in a bank?
      The exchange rate of promissory notes can be made worthless through engineered deflation of currency and inflation of the value of goods and services. People can be bankrupted when there is low or no employment, low wages, high inflation, high taxation and debts are being called in, such as mortgages, so houses get repossessed, ‘bailiffs’ try to take away valuables, even if there are only a few more payments left on a loan! Debt makes us all into slaves. Finance is not secure, especially since so many factors can be engineered, or can be unpredictable. People can very easily and very quickly fall into debt.
      Human imaginations along with our creativity and productivity has value to the elitists, especially when it’s exploited to the max.
      However the game has changed, as humans have created the technology to replace our productivity with robots, computers, artificial intelligence, … After all robots won’t ask for a wage, pay rises, sick pay, maternity leave, payed holidays, any holidays, pensions, compensation, better working conditions, they won’t go on strike, …
      Humans appear to be now surplus to requirements and we are now being described as useless eaters and a drain on society, …
      A lot less humans are actually now needed by the elitists, hence Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, endless wars, diseases, poverty, extreme weather engineering, …
      It doesn’t need to be this way. The elitists, no matter how much material wealth and psychological and energetic control of us they have, do not get to experience what true joy is, the joy of sharing, being kind and fair to all others, generous, caring, thoughtful, …
      It is said that the rich and powerful are not rich and powerful at all, they are mostly miserable, insecure, traumatised, disconnected and discontented!
      I feel that if the global elitists truly want to be rich and powerful, then they will need to experience letting go of their obsessions with control, greed, sense of superiority, selfishness, … and realise the abundance of the universe and share it with all others.
      When they discover the joys of real love, pure love, they will then be rich and happy 🙂 sorry probably being too fluffy 😉
      I think before the elitists get to be fluffy too, they will need to be investigated and arrested for their crimes and if found guilty, which is very likely, since we all have masses of evidence to prove their guilt, they will all need to be removed from positions of power and influence and detained if they are a danger to others and rehabilitated if they so desire.
      But first we need the masses to stand under Article 61 and hopefully one brave constable with integrity will make the move to arrest the key criminals for treason, otherwise it will have to be civilians to arrest the criminals, including cowardly or corrupt police if necessary and we will need properly convened common law courts and a convention of the masses or their representatives to end all the corruption, tyranny and treason and restore the rule of common/natural law, …

  7. eddy alder

    There has been a continued drive in 2016 for global elitists, especially through the media, government agencies, the WHO ‘the World Health Organisation aka pharmaceutical bio chemistry industry’, military/security/police agencies, secret societies, NASA, … to stir up troubles, fear, anger, confusion, uncertainty, engineered divisions of all ‘types’, misinformation, academic propaganda, lies, false flag terrorism, civil unrest, civil wars, weather and climate engineering, economical engineering, social engineering, global political posturing, …
    This is all a diversion and conspirational agenda for their desired global totalitarian control of the masses and war on the masses to meet agenda 21/2030 depopulation agendas. ‘They’, the corrupt and criminal global elitists are trying their hardest to justify martial law in towns, cities and states throughout the world through engineered and perceived national and international emergencies, …
    Standing under Article 61 brings us all back into our Sovereignty and allows us to assert our Common Law protections and justice to arrest all these corrupt and criminal heads of organisations and corporations, … and all those key people in key positions that are still supporting the corrupt system, these corrupt organisations and people, …

  8. Eddy Alder

    Terrorism, false flag events and civil unrest appears to be a big part of the global elitist agenda to try to create more fear, division, suspicion, hatred, negativity, aggression and the justification for trying to curtail all our inalienable rights and freedoms, undermine everyones sovereignty, move towards a global draconian surveillance state, fulfil depopulation agendas, …
    I think it would be obvious to any potential terrorist that the majority of people in Britain and other countries mostly want peace, harmony and fairness. The day of February 13th 2003 proves this, as by far the greatest demonstrations for peace took place in possibly every country on our planet. It was clear for most people to see on that day that true democracy, if it ever really existed in an adequate form, died or was substantially ignored.
    It was also clear to see that those who were controlling and manipulating the mainstream media, politicians, civil servants and the military were involved in some of the most serious criminality, by disregarding or trying to manipulate the rule of Common and Constitutional Law.
    The police, judiciary, heads of state and many people who lack free and critical thinking and common sense had also seriously let down our system of Law, order and justice and all the millions of innocent people who were murdered and harmed as a consequence.
    These alleged terrorists, with the awareness and knowledge that they would have had, would probably not have targeted innocent civilians, especially children. Why would they want to target innocent children and people who were peaceful and did not want illegal wars, … ? The most obvious and effective targets would have been the criminal politicians, bankers, media owners, corrupt editors and other key players including those who would have profited the most from the wars, chaos, disharmony and devastation and that disregarded the rule of law!
    So who are the real terrorists, who do they work for, who pays, equips and helps them, … ?
    There have been many resignations, whistle blowing attempts, protests, disclosures, cover ups, ‘d’ notices, suspicious deaths or blackmailing attempts, since and during this time including high level military and security insiders.
    There evidentially appears to be a lot of state and corporate sponsored terrorism going on, high level conspiracy and false flag terrorism events involving at some level the mainstream media, that need thoroughly investigating, exposed and brought to account asap.
    Article 61 of 1215 Magna Carta is a useful tool and gift for us all to use and it is our lawful duty to do so. Some people still seem happy enough to be compelled to pay unlawful taxes that are used to murder, maim and displace innocent men, women and children and other living creatures and support criminal regimes that sexually abuse children, and cruelly let down and exploit the most vulnerable in society, …
    Are there still enough good decent people on our planet that are up for restoring the rule of Common Law and helping to end all the tyranny and corruption once and for all, … ?

  9. Eddy Alder

    This sounds plausible, Chis Coles/Story, Lord Sassoon, Lord Strathclyde, Lord James of Blackheath
    another interesting exposure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytnINw6kqoE&nohtml5=False

  10. Eddy Alder

    There appears to be a global agenda to stir up divisions, fear, hatred, chaos, uncertainty, confusion, stress, civil unrest, suspicions, .. I feel that it is a priority and a responsibility for us all to focus on healing wounds and letting go of rifts, building trust, increase and deepen our understanding of other peoples beliefs, their thinking, behaviours and attitudes, unite, live and work together perhaps to create social contracts that we can all agree on e.g. principles of Common Law, “be free but cause no intentional harm, be honest, peaceful, behave responsibly, ..” in one love

  11. Eddy Alder

    I feel that the Brexit referendum result was an expression of a majority of the people, that they are anti-fascist/’communist’ globalisation, that they are pro being sovereign, that they wish to see the spirit of the rule of Common Law upheld, i.e. “be free but cause no intentional harm, be honest, peaceful and behave responsibly”. It appears that many of those that voted to stay in the EU have been heavily or subtly brain washed and mind controlled especially the youngsters through schools, colleges, universities, political activists, the media, computer games, religions, celebrities and other influential people and organisations courtesy of organisations like the Tavistock institute, Stanford Research Institute, CIA MKultra, a training organisation called Common Purpose (but may be known under different names elsewhere) that targets key people in key positions to infiltrate, manipulate and control every sector in society.
    There appears to be a lot of mind control propaganda about with the intention to create or stir up more division, distrust and confusion in many areas and try to undermine the unity and harmony in Britain and elsewhere.
    Everyone that lives and works in Britain has Common and Constitutional Law protections from corrupt governments, police, ..
    Post Bexit, there still appears to be some weather and climate engineering or chem trails polluting our atmosphere, possibly courtesy of NATO/UN,
    the World Bank bankers, IMF, financial and propoganda speculators such as Soros appear to be stirring up and playing the markets, ..
    rogue ‘security’ personnel and agencies may be trying to cook up some false flag operations and trying to stir up civil unrest, ..
    It appears that all most people want on our planet is peace, harmony, fairness, freedom and their inalienable rights respected and upheld and that it is only a few elitists that want to control things and keep the power and wealth to themselves whilst ‘their’ loyal or obedient chain of commands makes this possible for them at all our expense.
    In theory, every head or key person of these corrupt organisations can be held to account and be made personally liable for any crimes committed or harm caused and could all be arrested and have ‘their’ assets stripped, ..

  12. Eddy Alder

    The Tory government and leadership seem to think it’s business as usual after the Brexit vote, but unless the rule of our Common and Constitutional Law is restored to all our courts and all the police, lawyers, civil servants, politicians, media, schools and universities, .. are trained in it asap their perceived authority will be illegitimate.

    1. Eddy Alder
  13. Eddy Alder

    Sovereign National Credit appears to be the best solution to become free from the hold of the criminal corrupt central bankers and the best chances for nations to become independent, prosperous and for the people to be more happy, free and secure to live more free, abundant and fulfilling lives. Justin Walker explains how easy this can be, .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV8LFW2HuSI

  14. Eddy Alder

    Very interested insights from Dr Harry Beckhough – Britain’s Traitors The truth about the Money Men and the ultimate goal.
    Watch this insight into the history that brought us to where we are today and the people behind it. EU

  15. Eddy Alder

    Agenda 21/2030 has been responsible for cutting back and increasing the fares of our local rural bus and train services, closing our rural post offices, banking facilities, libraries, schools, police stations, fire emergency services, hospitals, doctors surgeries, fuel stations, … and making it hard for local community hubs like pubs to survive. This is effecting some of the less well off mostly, but also the more affluent will be more greatly affected in the coming years.
    In Britain it appears that weather engineering has been used in partnership with sabotaging or not maintaining adequately the flood defences. This has involved many established rural communities being flooded out and permanently destroyed. Some governments are using compulsory purchasing policies to help push rural inhabitants into the newly constructed ‘SMART’ cities of the “Brave New Huxley/Orwellian World”. Time is short, we all really need to learn the simple truths about Common and Constitutional Law and all realise our inalienable sovereign powers and the true power of our secular natural Common Law, the Law of our Land, oceans, planet and universe.

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