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Hi, I started out on the path of freedom as a freeman on the land. I soon evolved into standing as a sovereign man in lawful rebellion after I could see no ultimate remedy via the freeman on the land movement. I entered into lawful early in 2010. I set about removing all presumptions that the crown had any authority over my sovereign being by de-registering my 7.5 tonne truck that I had been living in for the past 10 years. To cut a very long story short, I was arrested and forced to appear. That was the last time I was ever arrested or have been in front of any alleged authorities in their so called courts. Despite the fact that I never returned to their hearing nor did I pay a penny of the fines that they imposed on my legal fiction in my absence, and that was nearly three years ago. I have since seized a public building and we (the Glastonbury rebel group) have put all the councils and police on Notice of Article 61 MC 1215. The reason that I mention that is because I am not hiding from them. They wont arrest me for alleged driving offences and disobedience. This proves that they are more scared of us than we need be of them. I since had to give up the truck, In order to keep my case open as I have demanded remedy in a properly convened court de jure, and have been in a stalemate situation with the so called authorities for the past three years I gave up my entitlements, when I say gave up I put them all on Notice of the facts and they decided to ignore the law and stop my entitlements anyway. They were going to take the fine monies from my disability living allowance, I wasn't going to allow that to happen. I have a fee schedule in play which will remedy the financial looses I have incurred for the past three years once we have restored the rule of law and restored the proper courts of law again. All this remedy requires is around 3-5% of the population to be successful, with all the corruption going on you would think that would be an easy number to raise into will happen as it has to happen to ensure our freedom and safety, and that of future generations also. David.

Constitutional facts

There are some parts of the constitution, which are with us forever no-matter how inconvenient for government it may be. For example Magna Carta 1215 is not subject to change by parliament because it is not parliamentary law, it is a binding contract between the King and his subjects and can only be amended or repealed when the King meets with his subjects and agree to any changes. Like all contracts it is legally enforceable in any of the ordinary…
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