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EU & LR Background

Hello friends, I am sharing information about our British constitution that I think you should find useful as activists (or in fact anyone). Please read it, it does have a thread though it is different quotes and articles strung together .. ‘.After entering the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT into British jurisdiction, the abominable Jack Straw admitted that Magna Carta (original) was still valid. I repeat – MC is an ordinance of the crown and cannot be repealed, amended, or in any…
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My Lawful Rebellion & Remedy

So after some research and experience of using this remedy this is as much of a conclusion I can draw up today. In 1911 parliament pushed through the Parliament Act which was an unconstitutional and therefore unlawful act which dissolved the royal prerogative, this meant that although Royal Assent is meant to only allow acts and statutes in keeping with the constitution, it was diluted and those powers all but removed. David Robinson please check through this! This was the…
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