Photographing & Videoing Police

There has been a spate of people having their phones or cameras confiscated following the observance of the police conducting themselves in a manner prejudicial to the common good. Now, setting aside the obvious ramifications under S26 Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 and of Misconduct in Public Office (a common law crime which carries a life sentence for anyone with an oath of office), there are the obvious moral implications under Magna Carta – the denial of right or justice…
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Value Your Privacy?

It is a straightforward question, do you value your privacy? People in Britain are beginning to wake up to the fact that all is not as it seems. Successive governments have been chipping away at the rights and freedoms of the people of Britain and within a couple of weeks of the most recent (non)government in May 2015, the (non)Prime Minister has made it clear that he intends to strip away remaining vestiges of privacy in the name of counter-terrorism….
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