Law Enforcement

The Power of Power of Attorney

Now I’m certain you must be wondering what on earth power of attorney must be doing on a site dedicated to lawful rebellion. Am I right? As shown on other pages, Article 61 is THE and only defence against statute law, where that statute law does not coincide with common law. I have also shown how the police can abuse what little power they have left over lawful rebels. On the habeas corpus page the matter is looked at in more…
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Unlawful Detention & Habeas Corpus

If you are an activist then you are highly susceptible to arrest by the police who claim to have an array of powers over you. Yes we know about Article 61. Yes we know about ‘lawful excuse’ and yes we know that the police cannot lawfully arrest us for a statutory offence unless what we did was also a common law crime. Here’s the problem. The police do not know. They should know. Some do know but are told by their peers or superiors to…
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De-Arrest An important matter which has come to our attention is that police officers have been stating that if a private citizen arrests another person (or a police officer) the police have the power to “de-arrest” them.  No such concept exists in British law! It has the same meaning and validity as claiming one could “de-punch” a person after hitting them! It simply cannot happen. ANY police officer who claims they can de-arrest someone is committing fraud, Malfeasance and Misfeasance and…
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