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Below is a simple poster, it is a smaller image version of a printable .pdf for an A4 poster that could go in your window – or just about anywhere you want. You can shrink it to A5 but I would avoid going any smaller! this was originally intended as a newspaper advert.

Mini (web) A4 Poster

Lawful Rebellion Poster

Next is the Oath of Allegiance which you MUST send to one of the Barons in order to become lawfully installed in under Article 61. Without this (and proof of its postage – and preferably proof of delivery) you are NOT in lawful rebellion and do NOT have ‘lawful excuse’ to disrupt the government.


Picture of Oath of Allegiance

Fillable PDF Oath

Next on the list is one which could be quite important. Once in lawful rebellion sooner or later you may find yourself the subject of a court case or arrest. Now, if you are LAWFULLY installed in LR (sent Oath), provided you have not committed a common law crime, you have lawful excuse – and this means you cannot lawfully be arrested, convicted or incarcerated under statute law without your opponents committing Treason at common law – which still carries the DEATH PENALTY.

OH YES IT DOES. The death penalty has not been repealed from common law and was not lawfully repealed from statute law. So, once you have a summons – you must rebut it. In LR we seek to remain in honour at all times (this is a common law notion). Therefore, rather than writing back and saying “You Are Wrong And Cannot Summons or Convict ME” instead we use CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE. By Conditionally Accepting their summons or other accusation, we put the opponent to proof that we are not in lawful rebellion, that Article 61 was not invoked and therefore we have lawful excuse. This is an unassailable argument and in 99% of cases your opponent goes away and never bothers you again. Below is a clickable image which takes you to Google Drive where you can view the document. We recommend you download this as loading in Google Docs removes the editable features and messes up the layout.

The process is four or five-fold. Each letter (notice) is separated by ten (working) days and sent in sequence. If you receive an incorrect response (99% will  be incorrect) then you do not need to wait until the 10 days are up and you proceed to the next notice in the sequence. The process is as follows:

  1. Conditional Acceptance (I conditionally accept your demand upon proof you have the authority to issue that demand since Article 61 was invoked).
  2. Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure (I wish to remain in honour so give you another opportunity to respond appropriately)
  3. Opportunity to Cure (I am honourable – please respond appropriately to my Conditional Acceptance – a third chance to get it right)
  4. Notice of Default – Lawful Estoppel (You have failed to respond to the points raised and therefore have no claim against me – forever more)
  5. Misprision of Treason.

Notice 4 begins to hint that you are not playing games and mean business by introducing the notion of treason. Notice 5 lays it on the line. Notice 5 (Misprision) supplies the evidence which substantiates your position and it includes the following additional enclosures:

  • ONE (1) computer disk entitled “Shoe-horned into the EU.”
  • ONE (1) copy of your Oath of allegiance.
  • ONE (1) copy of your proof of postage of the Oath.
  • ONE (1) copy of your proof of delivery of the Oath. (Optional)

Conditional Acceptance (Notice 1)

Conditional Acceptance Image

Conditional Acceptance – fillable PDF

Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure (Notice 2)

Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure

Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure

Notice of Opportunity to Cure (Notice 3)

Notice 3 - Opportunity To

Notice 3 – Opportunity To

Notice of Default – Lawful Estoppel (Notice 4)

Notice 4 - Notice of Default & Irrevocable Estoppel

Notice 4 – Notice of Default & Irrevocable Estoppel

Notice of Understanding Of Misprision Of Treason and Intent (Notice 5)

Notice 5 - Understanding of Misprision of Treason


Article 61 “Business Card”  Front & Back

We carry these with us as a source of information or conversation. The reverse side has the definition of Breach of the Peace which is one of the few common laws that the police can still “get us with” – having the definition in one’s pocket could be the difference between a kidnap (arrest) or not.

A61 business card front

A61 business card back




  1. james Gibson-Cranch

    How do i use the pdf ? ien(change name at top) etc

    how do i find out which Baron to send it to ?

    many thanks

    1. Nigel Coleman

      Hello James and thanks for the visit!

      There are two PDFs on the site, one is for simply printing out and writing in the names and addresses by hand (handwriting version) and the other is a fillable PDF which ‘most’ PDF viewers will simply allow you to open, type in the names & addresses and then you can print them out to sign and witness. There are a great many PDF viewers available but we cannot guarantee that all of them will work with fillable PDFs – so far all those we have tested have been fine.

      The addressees to the barons are all on the “Instructions to enter LR” page.

  2. Horeston

    loving the info, with my back against the wall it is truly a stich in time.

  3. Ollie

    Great stuff guys. My Oath will be sent tomorrow.

  4. Lee turnbull

    What is the stance on the inland revenue and paying tax? Is it the same process as with TV licence and council tax?

    1. Nigel Coleman

      As with all battles (and particularly with civil disobedience), it comes down to personal preference but some lawful rebels have had interesting results with HMRC. The most recent was with one ‘member’ who served conditional acceptance on HMRC regarding the fixed penalty they served on him for not putting in his tax returns. After a couple of Notices, HMRC wrote back to him and told him that he had won his appeal (he never submitted an appeal, just conditional acceptance of the penalty upon proof that HMRC had any authority since the invocation of A.61) and the penalty was quashed. . .

      This is not a recommendation for you to try it but it is evidence that A.61 is having an effect on the establishment!

      1. Lee turnbull

        What about the tax you pay if you are employed? Or are you better off paying it ‘under duress’ as I am not one to do things by halves when I enter lawful rebellion I want to go the full 9 yards. Also I was wondering what the stance on firearms licences is? Is it still possible to obtain one whilst in lawful rebellion?

        1. Nigel Coleman

          Hi Lee and thanks for visiting.

          Taxation is a thorny subject. In the last few months UKColumn ran a promotion offering £10,000 to anyone who could provide the precise legislation that states we must pay tax. There were NO takers. . . The issue with PAYE is obtaining the cooperation of your employer to engage with the subject. If you are on close terms with a small business then it is entirely feasible, if you work for a large company or multinational the process could be more tiresome than standing in lawful rebellion itself! This will be a matter for you and you alone to contemplate.

          Now on to firearms – a matter close to our hearts since in Britain we have a Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms, derived from the Bill of Rights 1688. This is a common law right and has been infringed by multiple layers of firearms legislation since 1920. Currently the issuance of a certificate is down to the Chief Constable of your police force area. They have a rigid POLICY (not legislation) of refusing to issue firearms certificates for self-defence. This is contrary to the common law but is insurmountable within the current legal framework. I am personally aware of one case where the legislation was challenged and went to a court of appeal. The judges found against my colleague but issued NO AUTHORITIES to support their decision and thus we consider their decision void. In all honesty, this creates a problem, especially in the light of migrant extremists who have no qualms in harming us or taking our property – or the potential introduction of an unlawful armed European police force (EUROGENDFOR, scheduled to arrive in 2017) which is contrary to the British Constitution and requires us to put down any attempt at an invasion.

          At this stage we cannot offer any advice on firearms beyond the above. In the last few days the EU have produced a new and more rigid policy aimed at disarming all EU citizens, in much the same way that our USA friends are having their 2nd Amendment rights infringed. For us in the UK this is a subject that needs much closer scrutiny and further legal challenges. Finding people with the motivation and resources is the main problem.

    2. Buster

      Hi Lee…. the process that we use can and should (according to law) be used for any circumstances that may arise. HMRC claim direct authority from the crown which we conditionally accept. T.V. Licence is a little different, but the BBC are a corporation and it is unlawful to aid and abet any individual or entity that is not standing under the invocation of article 61. Council tax is the same as HMRC….all councils derive their authority from central government, therefore the crown.

  5. Angelo

    Hello, I would like to know if all these apply to any citizen ( meaning, EG : I am Romanian but I do live in the UK for 8 years ), if I send my Oath and pledge allegiance to Magna Carta Ch 61 to a baron does that apply to me as well as I am not British ? Any nationality can apply and pledge allegiance to Magna Carta? Been looking on the internet for ages, listening to Bill and others, watching youtube and so on but all I have found was sending me back to the USA. Can someone please shed some light ? Thank you

    1. Buster

      Hi Angelo. Yes whilst you are living, or even just visiting Britain (or any commonwealth countries that still stand under the crown), you must abide by the law of this realm. The law demands that we all rebel at this time which means that you too must abide by the law. Thank you for the question, its one that many none British sovereign beings may seek clarification on.

  6. ollie

    in the second notice and opportunity to cure template – there is a section on the second page left blank ‘statement of fact – write personal circumstances here’ – can you be more specific as to what to insert here. My first notice was delivered today and i wanted to prepare the second asap. thank you. peace.

    1. Marcus

      It could be something along similar lines to:

      “You made a claim against me for [council tax/income tax] on the [date] which I rebutted by Notice on [date]. I require you to prove you have any authority whatsoever since the invocation of Ch.61 Magna Carta 1215 on 23 March 2001 by a correctly constituted committee of the barons.”

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