Election or Insurrection?

2015 Election Result

I am quite certain that when we woke up this morning (May 8 2015) that none of us expected the country would look like a huge duck pond. I have friends across the political spectrum and I don’t believe I’ve heard one of them show any expectation of the CLAIMED  ‘official’ result of the 2015 election. The more I look at the image to the left (which is missing only two remaining results), the more I become completely and hopelessly convinced that foul play has been involved.

I make this statement and wholeheartedly endorse it – the 2015 election has been rigged.

Quite how the Tories accomplished it I cannot be certain – but it is fair to assume a lot of Euros changed hands in the months leading up to this false and unlawful election.

Why then, if standing in lawful rebellion under Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 do I find it necessary to devote any time to this subject at all? Quite simply, the ramifications of a Conservative majority in parliament means we are potentially facing one of the darkest times in living memory IF the people of this country do not stand up and take back their power from the elitist paedophiles that have clamoured to control the fate of Britain.

In reality all parties over consecutive governments are culpable for the child sex abuse scandal that will not die – and will not die because the establishment will not openly address it and expose the bad apples, some of whom hold enormous power over this country. Bolt by bolt Britain and her infrastructure is being dismantled. “Common Purpose”, “Agenda 21” play their parts and play them well – so completely infiltrated has our civil and political service become, it will take more people than we currently have to overcome the inertia needed to release Britain from the iron grip of the psychopaths currently holding the reigns of Britannia.

So my friends I would like you to take a moment to see some of the hidden truths of how we have been manipulated into Europe – in direct contravention of our written constitution which forbids foreign masters of any ilk.

And I doe declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God. (Bill of Rights [1688]).

Please take half-an-hour to watch the following video which shows some of the unlawful and illegal subversions which sent Britain sailing into the hands of the European Dictatorship.

Now, following this rather illuminating video, please take a few moments to listen to this immensely revealing journalistic report into the dirty tricks that the Heath administration used to take the UK in to Europe.


Finally, if you can bear to hear any more truth about the liars and cheats that our history books have recorded as politicians and public servants, follow through this series of shorts where numerous more startling facts are revealed. . . And afterwards feel free to tell me that Britain went into the EU with its inhabitants’ eyes fully open and in full knowledge of the consequences.


IF you have managed to make it to the end of this post CONGRATULATIONS! Most of the documents which are mentioned or alluded to in the above videos and audio recording can be found here:



  1. Gary Rowlands

    Hi in one of David Noakes clips above I’m sure he says that common law magna carta was done away with, can this be true?, have we all been railroaded already?.

    1. Nigel Coleman

      Gary, thanks for visiting our site. It is an interesting notion isn’t it? Here is the rub. Take a peek into England & Wales’ law books and you will see that any order, if it is proven to have failed to abide by due process, is void ab initio (from the beginning). Any process at law which is based upon a misdeed, misdirection, misinformation is voided from the beginning.

      Two tenets are at work here:
      1) Magna Carta is a Treaty to which parliament was not a party. They cannot therefore change it, repeal it or revoke it in any way, shape or form.
      2) Our entry into the “common market” (EU) was an act of High Treason by the Heath administration. Each subsequent signing of the various components were also acts of High Treason by both the successive governments AND the Queen.

      So, how legitimate is a Treaty which is based on countless illegal and unlawful acts, (most of which still carry the death penalty) most, if not all of which were a breach of our constitution and the signatories did not have the authority to sign? 2017 is another major nail in the coffin, each stage making it harder to escape than the last. This is why we must fight to our last breath to ensure our constitution has the last say.

  2. Gary Rowlands

    Thanks for that clarification Nigel.

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