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Hello friends, I am sharing information about our British constitution that I think you should find useful as activists (or in fact anyone). Please read it, it does have a thread though it is different quotes and articles strung together ..

‘.After entering the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT into British jurisdiction, the abominable Jack Straw admitted that Magna Carta (original) was still valid.
I repeat – MC is an ordinance of the crown and cannot be repealed, amended, or in any way altered by parliament….’

  1. There is in fact no such thing as ‘Human Rights’ under British law- nor has there ever been any need for such a thing. Why? Look:
    BRITISH common LAW: every subject of the Crown has full entitlement to do anything at all- so no ‘human rights’ are presupposed- unless the law restricts or prohibits (e.g. murder, theft, bigamy, or whatever).
  2. EUROPEAN civil LAW: every citizen is a vassal of the State and has no right to do anything at all unless the law confers such a right.

Bringing us into the EEC and Human Rights act of Europe was A con and an act of treason at common and constitutional law in the first place.

The blue-print for the EEC was written in Berlin in 1942 by the Nazi leadership and fascist heads of business. It was written as an alternative strategy in case they lost the war and was intended as the means by which European economics and production would be under German control [NC edit: see this PDF]

Article 61 Magna Carta was invoked on 23 March 2001, according to constitutional protocols, meaning it is the law of the commonwealth, to rebel peacefully, (in fact its our lawful duty to do so, to protect this country) as detailed in Article 61, such as non compliance and seizing public buildings. This was to find redress for the integration with Europe and the ratification on unlawful treasonous treaties with the EU.

Here the fact is reported in the Daily Telegraph.

WE seized our local town hall under Article 61 in November last year..

Tuesday, 4 November 2014
Glastonbury Town Hall siezed under Ch.61 of Magna Carta 1215:
Well done, keep up the good work. And a very British occasion too. The comments are interesting. It seems there are people out their ready to pounce on any mention of Magna Carta and try to deny its authority. Otherwise known as government trolls. Regards, John Hurst.
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I have personally used this law to rebut an arrest warrant for imprisonment for seven days, my notices served to county court can be found in the files of this group, as well as other cases, history surrounding our constitution, the barons petition and the invocation of Article 61, its practical application, templates & conversation, please join us.

thanks for taking the time to read this. good luck

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