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face-358185_640What next indeed! So, you have read the pages across lawfulrebellion.info, you have printed out your Oath, signed it, had it witnessed, copied it, posted it and got the ‘T’ shirt – oops, sorry, I mean the Recorded Delivery slip. What next??

Well, it can be a bit of an anti-climax I’m afraid! There won’t be any police helicopters hovering overhead nor any tactical response units surrounding your house. In fact is it is very unlikely you will hear anything more. Occasionally someone receives their oath back having failed to be delivered for a variety of reasons. On that point, the Facebook group has had quite a few ask what to do if the letter is returned. If it is returned you can keep it as another copy (or rather, the original) – it does not matter because you have proved intent by signing, witnessing and posting and that is ALL you need. There is nothing preventing you from sending to another baron should you wish to be thorough.

So, back to the original question. What next? Once you are lawfully standing under Article 61 you have a new shield named “lawful excuse” which permits you to distress and distran the crown (government) any way you see fit (except for doing the monarch or her heirs harm). Actually it goes a bit further than this – you must not breach common law – do no harm, cause no loss and commit no fraud to people or their property and do not breach the peace. Beyond this, you can do just about anything you like. This is not legal advice nor is it incitement but things like seizing government buildings, refusing to pay taxes and making a nuisance of yourself to the authorities – local, regional or national are all fair game (please leave the NHS alone!).

If you do not already have any ongoing processes and wish to stamp your authority on some poor unsuspecting public servant, an ideal place to start is with the Chief Constable of your police force. What you can do is send a ‘Notice of Lawful Objection’ in which you put the police on Notice that you have sworn your allegiance to the committtee of the barons and have lawful excuse. To remain in honour you request any objections be raised in writing (there never are any).

Here is our fillable PDF template for Notice of Lawful Objection (explicitly for police)

Conversely, if you have any other quisling(s) in mind, the following link is a more generalised version for governmental departments & QUANGOS etc.

Here is our fillable PDF template for Notice of Lawful Objection (for general Gov’t departments)

In the Notice of Lawful Objection is referenced two ancillary documents – a copy of YOUR Oath of allegiance to the committee of the barons and also the original newspaper report by Caroline Davies in the Telegraph of the invocation of Article 61. You will need to provide a copy of both.

Copy of Daily Telegraph Newspaper Report on the Invocation

One or two people have had difficulty in understanding how to download our documents which are stored on Google Drive. All one needs to do is press the download symbol at the top of the page:

How to download google drive docs

When your ‘distress and distrain’ actions derive consequences – i.e. a court summons for non-payment of council tax or other equally dubious “responsibilities” the remedy is to issue a “Conditional Acceptance.” In common law (and to a lesser degree, legal [statute] law) honour is at the centre of responsibility and should be adhered to at all times – i.e. one must be honourable. This means never ignoring any letters and not harassing individuals just because they work in the public sector! In all correspondence your aim is to remain in honour at all times. So, for any demands made against you, you reply by serving a ‘conditional acceptance’ i.e. you conditionally accept their demand but only upon evidential proof that they have the right or the authority to make such a demand once Article 61 has been invoked. Here is the text from one of my recent letters as an example:

Chris GilesimgHeaderLogo
TV Licensing
DL98 1TL




Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal – Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent


Dear Mr Giles, doing business as TV Licensing Customer Relations.




I, Nigel of the family: Coleman, do declare the following to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


This is a lawful notice. Please read it carefully. It means what it says. If you fail to comply with this notice then you will be deemed to be in absolute agreement with the points raised herein. Do not ignore it.


A reply to this notice is REQUIRED and is to be made stating the respondent’s clearly legible full name, sworn or attested in affidavit format and on his or her full commercial liability and penalty of perjury. Your response is required within TEN (10) days from the recorded delivery date of this notice; failure to comply will signify your tacit agreement with the FACTS of this Notice or that you are unable to provide lawful proof-of-claim.


It is my wish to remain in honour at all times in this matter therefore I hereby serve NOTICE OF CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE of the alleged [right to use “other methods of detection” or impose or mandate a TV licence is required] made upon the legal fiction or upon myself, the living, breathing man, on proof of claim that the Crown has any authority whatsoever since the multiple breaches of the Coronation Oath Act 1688 and the invocation of Magna Carta 1215 Article 61, invoked according to the correct protocols of constitutional law on the 23rd March 2001 and hitherto remaining in effect.


Whereas I, Nigel of the family: Coleman stand under the constitutional jurisprudence of Magna Carta 1215; Article 61. By its invocation on 23rd March 2001; constitutional law DICTATES I cannot adhere to or comply with, a treasonous administration of governance or jurisprudence. Evidence of treason has been secured under the thirty-year-rule clearly demonstrating that Britain’s entry into the common market comprised multiple acts of treason and sedition at common law; the evidence for this can be found under the title of “Shoe-horned into the EU” and is public domain. Moreover, each successive government since the Heath administration has compounded the treason, up to and including the current administration. I am therefore constitutionally OBLIGED to refuse cooperation and obliged to take direct action to disrupt the treasonous regime. I enclose a copy of my Oath of allegiance delivered to a member of the Barons’ Committee on 21st February 2011 as evidence of both my intent and LAWFUL STANDING.


If I receive no reply in SUBSTANCE to this Notice (which means addressing precisely the points made herein, IN FULL) it shall be taken to signify by ALL parties involved in this matter (including any third party interlopers) that you/they are in ABSOLUTE agreement with the points I have made herein and, that no further claims will me made against myself or the legal fiction.


I hereby attest and affirm that all of the above is the truth and is my lawful understanding.


Without malice, vexation, frivolity or ill will and on my full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and, with my natural, indefeasible and unalienable rights reserved and all benefits waived.


Yours sincerely,

The most critical part of the above letter is that I serve Notice of Conditional Acceptance of the [demand being made against me]… on proof of claim that the Crown has any authority whatsoever since …. the invocation of Magna Carta 1215 Article 61.

At this point I believe it is only fair to add a caveat. This is not a magic get out of debt free solution and will not void you of your legitimate liabilities. It also seems that there is varying success around the country, with differing regional public bodies either recognising or ignoring their lawful and constitutional obligations.

If you decide to begin the process of sending the process of Notices, be aware they may not have the desired effect and moreover you could be entering into a lengthy dialogue. It seems the government are now wholesale ignoring their own laws and the constitution whenever it suits them. Be VERY certain you want to travel the route of civil disobedience before you begin the conditional acceptance process.

Here are links to our conditional acceptance templates. You can view them in Google Drive.

Conditional Acceptance Fillable PDF (Notice #1)

The above letter is actually a tad more canny than it might first seem! Not only have we now issued a conditional acceptance based on an unassailable argument, but the following paragraph [Whereas I, Nigel of the family: Coleman stand under . . .]  contains an advisory that the crown has committed treason and direction on locating the evidence. The person to whom I am writing has now been informed of an act of Treason. Once in possession of the knowledge that Treason has been committed or is being planned, the individual, if they do not report this crime, is committing the lesser crime of Misprision of Treason at common law (life imprisonment). We do not however, inform them of this at this time. That’s the ace up the sleeve for the next time, if they persist in bothering you. In our experience courts generally do not persist after the conditional acceptance for most misdemeanours.

As we are operating in common law jurisdiction and using an honour based system, we must adhere to its tenets. Resultantly, if you opponent fails to respond to the Conditional Acceptance, or fails to reply appropriately, dealing with each of your points in substance, you now move to Stage 2 which is to issue a Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure. This is an honourable move by you to provide you opponent with a second opportunity to make an appropriate response to your Conditional Acceptance.

Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure Fillable PDF Template (Notice #2)

And so the story continues. You have now given your opponent an honourable second opportunity to prove you wrong – specifically in constitutional terms. Of course, we already know that our position is unassailable but we must remain in honour at all times! And so it is that either after the second span of ten days or sooner -if your opponent responds inappropriately, we must send the next letter of the series – the ‘Opportunity to Cure.’ This is to bring your opponent’s attention to the fact that they have a duty of care to respond appropriately as the matter is (genuinely) very serious. This is the penultimate notice of the series:

Opportunity to Cure (Notice of Default) Fillable PDF template (Notice #3)

. . .And finally. . . Having honoured ourselves to death (figuratively, of course) we must send the notice which tells our opponent that he, she or it has been unable to substantively disprove our position. An unrebutted truth stands as a judgement and cannot be undone. Although entitled ‘Notice of Default’ it is in fact a notice of estppel by acquiescence. Some claimed authorities argue that a tacit agreement has no standing in law – however they would be wrong. Citing the speech of Lord Steyn in Republic of India v India Steamship Co [1998] AC 878 (The “Indian Endurance”), the dissenting speech of Lord Wilberforce in Moorgate Mercantile Co Ltd v Twitchings [1997] AC 890 and ING Bank NV v Ros Roca SA [2012] 1 WLR 472, Blair J described the general rule as follows:

“… a duty to speak may … arise where, having regard to the situation in which the transaction occurred as known to both parties, a reasonable person would expect the other party, acting honestly and responsibly, if he had a claim, to make that claim known.”

For the purpose of this rule, the reasonable person is a person in the position of the party who seeks to rely on the estoppel. The duty to speak arises because a reasonable person would expect the party against whom the estoppel is raised to bring the true facts to the attention of the other.

So here is the “final” notice in the series – or it should be the final notice, depending on the tenacity (read stupidity) of the government department pursuing you.

Notice of Default (Irrevocable estoppel) fillable PDF template (Notice #4)

For more persistent courts or more “serious” offences (note I use the word offence and NOT crime) it may be necessary to move to the ultimate stage and issue a “Notice of Understanding of Misprision of Treason And Intent.” Our experience over the last 5 years is that once this has been issued to the clerk or judge, the court case disappears, never to return. . .

noose-312261_640Contrary to popular belief, the death penalty does still exist in Britain for Treason as the repealing of it was in statute law, whereas Treason is a common law crime (not offence) and its capital punishment was not removed.

And so it is with each demand made against you by any governmental department, which could be from local government; council tax, bedroom tax,  register of electors, parking tickets etc.  to national government; income tax, NI, duty, DVLA, speeding tickets (caution, below) or any other department that chooses to involve itself in your life in a negative way.

Prior to downloading the template it is imperative you understand that this final process requires more than simply downloading and filling in a template. You must also provide the evidence of the Treason – making statement about facts which you know or believe is not sufficient for this part of the process to work. Therefore you must also download a huge file (.zip) which needs to be extracted and then the entire contents burned to a DVD – yes, a DVD, a CD is not sufficient size for the content. The files are mostly documents obtained via the 30-year rule which meticulously document the Heath administrations Treason, Sedition and Fraud which were used to admit us to the “common market” which later flourished into the Nazi dream – the European “Union.”

The file, which was originally a collection named “Shoe-horned into the EU” is an enormous batch of PDF documents which unmistakeably demonstrate the subterfuge that took place to get Britain into the E.U. We have now re-compressed the .pdf files and brought the original 860MB monster down to a more manageable 297MB. It also includes the latest photographic evidence of the Telegraph article from 2001.

Shoe-horned into the EU 297MB .zip file. 

Or you can look at the contents before downloading here.

You will need a copy of your Oath, a copy of proof of postage and if possible, proof of delivery.

Template for Misprision of Treason fillable PDF



Some actions will attract more attention than others. Also some could result in serious inconvenience. For example: you decide to tear down the motorway at 110 mph in full knowledge that you have this shield called ‘lawful excuse.’ You get pulled over and have the conversation, whereupon you claim exemption under Article 61. I can tell you now that this will not end happily. The Policy-Enforcer (police officer) will possibly read your supporting written statements (if you brought any) and then ignore them and issue the ticket and start the ball rolling. It doesn’t matter if you refuse to take the docket he issues, he has your car registration.

The next stage is to wait for the court summons. At this point lawful rebels will rebut the summons with a conditional acceptance. It might take another letter or two – possibly a Misprision of Treason Notice but the court will go away and leave you alone. > > >

BUT > > >

Your driving licence will likely have been cancelled on a driving ban. Yes you have escaped court but not the consequences; in the end, you have breached the contract you signed (driving licence) which states categorically that you MUST obey the ‘Road Traffic Act’ and if you do not, there will be consequences (Article 61 does not give you ANY immunity from contracts which are a class of law in their own right). You may be immune from prosecution but they can still do what they like with your driving licence because it is in their system. This is one of the few areas where Article 61 will not fully protect you – and could have far reaching consequences for your quality of life and maybe that of your family – and work.

Playing devil’s advocate for the above scenario, yes, you could then quite rightly carry on driving and cite your right to travel the Queen’s highway. Aside of the obvious increased likelihood (and inconvenience) of being regularly stopped and/or picked up by one of the thousands of ANPR systems around the country, since your car is REGIStered (property of the crown) they can come and take it and crush it any time they like.

. . . Yes you could call your lawful rebel friends and stop them from taking it under Article 61 but by now life has become impossibly complicated – unless you enjoy all of these shenanigans.

The motto of the above cautionary tale is to choose your battles wisely. If your driving licence is not of any great consequence to you (maybe you are thinking of giving up driving) then there is nothing to lose but conversely if you drive for a living and have a young family – this could end up being life-changing. Like I said, choose your battles wisely.


  1. Ron

    Interesting read. I have found the names of the Barons how do i find their addresses?

    1. Nigel Coleman

      Hello Ron and thanks for visiting!

      The names and addresses of the barons can be found on the “Instructions to Enter LR” page. Please look carefully at the names as some are now deceased or no longer accepting oaths – these are marked beside the names.

  2. The Lady Dormer

    The present Lord Dormer (17th) wishes his name to be removed from the Baron’s committee, due to infirmity and wishes his address to be removed from this website. Please would you confirm when this has been done? Thank you.

    1. Nigel Coleman

      It will be done immediately. Thank you for informing us.

  3. richard zenon

    Shoe-horned into the EU 860MB .zip file.cannot open says i need a password to open.

    1. Richard zenon

      Shoe-horned into the EU 860MB .zip file to put it more clearly can uzip but need a password to view files,Template -also in Notice of Lawful Objection (Police) where do i find exhibit b the letters between robin janvrin and the committee of the barons.

      1. Nigel Coleman

        The 800MB file has been replaced with a 297 MB file which should not require any passwords. Please feel free to report any problems with the new Shoe-horned into the EU file.

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