My Lawful Rebellion & Remedy

So after some research and experience of using this remedy this is as much of a conclusion I can draw up today.

In 1911 parliament pushed through the Parliament Act which was an unconstitutional and therefore unlawful act which dissolved the royal prerogative, this meant that although Royal Assent is meant to only allow acts and statutes in keeping with the constitution, it was diluted and those powers all but removed. David Robinson please check through this!

This was the first act of treason at common law recently that was committed. The governing ministers and the monarchy have failed to uphold their duty and their oaths to the people they are meant to be serving and broken the law a thousand times over since then. (and before I believe!)

All acts and statutes since 1911 are treasonable, that means they need to come under close scrutiny and reassessing as to whether they are still valid under constitutional law. This will take out a lot of double think and illegal moves by parliament designed to destroy our ability to live freely under the law.

If you read through the files you will see the most obvious forms of treason outlined, such as handing governance to the EU, most importantly, as this is now leading us into an oppressive new constitution that non of us truly consented to. ALSO the theft and sales of our natural resources, land, water etc to ‘foreign’ corporate bodies is an obviously treasonous thing to do. Enforcement Acts, statutes, rules that require us to make payments to these corporations on threat of penalty, serve to galvanise the theft and treason, as those before.should never have been given any.royal assent, they would be unconstitutional.

Since the invocation of Article 61, Magna Carta 1215, according to constitutional protocols in March 2001, it is now the supreme law of the land to rebel peacefully against all this criminality with the use of the treason law which is a recognised tenet of the common law in this country, the constitution needs to be protected and reasserted to protect the rule of law, which ensures freedom under law and that no one is above that law amongst other.things that are by far more fair and just than what is being allowed to unfold.

How it works is fairly simple you can find the processes in the files. WE are compelling others to stand under common law using article 61 which demands of people in this country and all the commonwealth to rebel peacefully or be aiding and abetting treason.

IS whoever making demands upon you willing to commit treason, are they standing under article 61 or not? You cannot aid them in any way if they are not, simple. Lobby your bobby and your council to do their lawful duty, keep all your notices photocopied and recorded delivery, keeping the receipt.

lots of templates and information in the files.

You’d think most people would stand under the law wouldn’t you, if they do not you’ll have the evidence of their treason in your possession through the notices you kept, this will serve to waver many who may for whatever reason wish to carry our any treasonous transgressions against you, or carry.on in ignorance which is no defence in law.

Give this option to as many people as you can, in all avenues, people have a duty to make this stand alongside each other, people need education as to the facts, we cannot allow this whitewashing to go on. I feel for us all, forced to be kept in the dark for so long, slowly squeezed of our ability to be self reliant and have decent community with awareness of what our laws and customs actually are . I cannot by law acquiesce with all this corruption and deceit.

If your not a member already please check out the group ‘practical lawful dissent’ and look through the files for more education on how and why to be in lawful rebellion and the history of our constitution.

Just a quick addition I’ve used this to successfully rebut an arrest warrant for seven days imprisonment you’ll see the notices served in the files of the group. And I refuse under article 61 to pay council tax or water, as I’m aware that water is theft of our services and council tax is unlawful till we find redress for the treason at common law, the crown and all it’s subsidiaries have no authority only to stand under the law themselves and help to enforce it. All those processes are also in the files of the group.


  1. David Robinson

    Well put sister Danielle.

    1. Eddy Alder

      Excellently put Danielle! I’ve only just found your post tucked away on this website ;). It looks like the Tories weren’t happy recently that the Lords have been trying to use their Constitutional powers again to prevent the current government from pushing through harmful sociopathic policies with regards to changing tax credits, … Cameron’s government haven’t tried to hide the fact that they are unhappy with this and again they try and swamp the 2nd House with more of their crony peers. I would have thought the peers are supposed to be under an oath to be politically neutral and be knowledgable and competent about Constitutional Common Law to serve the sovereign or subject people as an effective and honourable 2nd house, …

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