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The following video has been produced to acquaint people with the basic facts regarding our present predicament – and we make no bones about it – Britain is facing a crisis like no other. Most people believe we won the Second World War. Most people are wrong. The war never ended. In the early 40’s the Nazi regime produced a backup plan for a scenario where they failed to win the war by military force. It is called the European Union. For 40 years it has been chipping away at our rights and freedoms and very soon it will usurp our laws, our sovereignty, our daily lives and much more besides. All it needs is to kill the British Constitution – and it has almost succeeded. Now its time for us to fight back, take back our government from the corrupt and power-hungry, self-serving politicians who perpetually hide child sex abuse to protect their own interests.

Join us. Fight back. Fight for your country without using any violence – just simple common law – common sense.


  1. jonathan

    I will stand under the Magna Carta 1215 article 61 as I have no intension of being ruled by a dictatorial government.

  2. Gideon Spume

    I have a few questions. The bundy ranch wasnt taken from anyone, clive bundy refused to pay grazing fees to use someone s land, how do you see that situation as being diffetent. Agenda 21 isnt law, its a non enforcable book of suggestions, isnt it? I couldnt find any reference in it to euro police, banning ponds, or banning paved roads, or taking away cars. Could you please tell me where you have learned of laws being planned to do those things? Thankyou

    1. Nigel Coleman


      I am not an Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) expert so my response will be limited. If there are any laws being planned regarding A.21 they will remain secret until such time as they are to be inflicted on the unwilling peoples of the various administrations in which they will be enacted/enforced – and clearly the plans I have seen indicate strongly to me that the measures will be hugely unpopular (subject to just how much modern “civilisation” has been programmed to accept the utter lies being promulgated by the governments, United Nations, European Union and various complicit scientific communities.

      As to the sustainability of things like cars, roads, private land ownership or even the family unit, these references can be found in the companion book to A.21, the “Biodiversity Manual” which Sandy shows and references in the video on this website.

  3. Jan

    Is it possible to get a transcript of this video?

    1. Marcus

      We are afraid there is no transcript, the video was compiled from three unscripted presentations.

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