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Now I’m certain you must be wondering what on earth power of attorney must be doing on a site dedicated to lawful rebellion. Am I right? As shown on other pages, Article 61 is THE and only defence against statute law, where that statute law does not coincide with common law. I have also shown how the police can abuse what little power they have left over lawful rebels. On the habeas corpus page the matter is looked at in more detail and a method shown as to how one can use the system to free one’s self. This will however not work if you have been detained for one of several reasons, including claims that your mental health is impaired or some of the various terrorism “laws.”

If one has been inserted in to a mental institution and forcibly medicated (to keep you from harming yourself!) habeas corpus will be difficult if not impossible to accomplish. If any of your friends or family turn up to the police station to ask what is happening, the police are now regularly using the Data Protection Act to claim exemption from having to tell you anything. This means it doesn’t matter how hard you protest, the police will not divulge a thing. Not all police – but it seems there is a growing number that use this tactic.

Power of Attorney

There are two kinds of Power of Attorney. The first – and by far, the most powerful is the “Lasting Power of Attorney.”  A lasting power of attorney (LPA, also known as enduring P.A.) is a legal document that lets you (the ‘donor’) appoint one or more people (known as ‘attorneys’) to help you make decisions or make decisions on your behalf. This gives you more control over what happens to you if, for example, you have an accident or an illness and can’t make decisions at the time they need to be made (you ‘lack mental capacity’). LPA is a permanent solution and to have any effect it must be registered with the “Office of the Public Guardian,” can take 10 weeks and in 2015 costs £110.

Power of attorney imageThe second, less onerous version is the “General Power of Attorney.” Importantly, this type of PoA does not require registration with any “authority” to carry full legal effect and can be used in regards to your financial needs or welfare (in a much more limited fashion than LPoA). The GPoA allows your ‘attorney’ to come to the police station and inquire after your case and welfare. This time, when the police tell your ‘friend,’ “can’t do that, Data Protection” they serve them with a copy of a GPoA and they must now speak to your ‘attorney’ as if they were speaking to you. They cannot and MUST not omit anything that they have revealed to the party in custody if that party has issued a GPoA.

With the increasing use of mental health powers by the police, especially it seems in response to allegations of child sex abuse (example: see Melanie Shaw) and the reality that if forcibly medicated, applying for habeas corpus becomes tantamount to impossible, having a small group of trusted friends and relatives holding a (limited) General Power of Attorney for you can rescue you from an otherwise horrid and in the short-term, inescapable situation. Provided the GPoA is suitably specific, your support group can move in and (a) check on your welfare with full access to the information and (b) can instigate habeas corpus or any other appropriate legal (or lawful) process to get you out.

Are you beginning to see the picture now – if you are an activist and have a higher than average risk of being arrested, each member of your group could act as a PoA for each other and thus get to the truth much, much quicker. They can then respond in kind much quicker than if no PoA had been granted. It is fair to say at this point that you need to be completely certain you trust those in whom you place your PoA and of course, you can make it specific so as to avoid the inconvenience of one of your group selling your house behind your back!

General Power of Attorney

Lo-res image of General Power of Attorney

This then is almost the ultimate protection for activists. You get arrested and one or more of your group can find out all the information right away and react accordingly. For those who still feel a bit undecided about PoA, go and take a look at your mortgage agreement. I’ll bet 9/10 of you have a PoA included in the terms and conditions and 90% of you who do, will not even have known that such a clause existed! The General Power of Attorney will give you peace of mind that if unlawfully taken off the street, you have a group behind you with the power and authority to do something about it – and to learn all the details of your captivity.

To be very clear, I am not telling you to go and give PoA to anyone. This should be an intensely personal decision and one based upon sound logic and implicit trust with those with whom you share such a power. This page cannot be treated as legal advice! I can tell you from experience however that a GPoA does offer a degree of peace of mind that is otherwise absent.

A witness should sign the General Power. The Attorney cannot act as a witness, but otherwise there are no restrictions on who may be a witness. There is no requirement that it be witnessed by a solicitor and the form is still effective if it is not. Restrictions: Once the General Power of Attorney is granted, the Attorney has full legal authority to take decisions and actions on your behalf in relation to your property and affairs, as if you were taking them yourself.

Here is a link to a Lawful Rebellion PoA Template. This version needs to be printed and filled in by hand. It has only space for one attorney; there is nothing stopping you from printing several copies – or making your own. Once your attorney(s) have a copy, you gain another layer of protection against a corrupt government and police force; even forcibly medicating you cannot prevent habeas corpus under these circumstances.

The low-res image below is for a PC version template which you can customise a little (MS Word Template); it includes a drop-down control for entering the date, plain text controls for adding your name, address and that of your attorney and finally drop-downs to select the length of time the General Power of Attorney is legally effective. Lawful Rebellion PoA PC Template. If you open it with Google Docs you can edit all the features.

General Power of Attorney PC


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