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Photographing & Videoing Police

There has been a spate of people having their phones or cameras confiscated following the observance of the police conducting themselves in a manner prejudicial to the common good. Now, setting aside the obvious ramifications under S26 Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 and of Misconduct in Public Office (a common law crime which carries a life sentence for anyone with an oath of office), there are the obvious moral implications under Magna Carta – the denial of right or justice…
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Handcuffs = Assault

With an increase on the highly questionable use of handcuffs on members of the public we feel it is time you should be completely clear on the legitimacy of the use of handcuffs by the police (or anyone for that matter). EVERY use of handcuffs constitutes an assault. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Whether or not their deployment was ‘legal’ comes down to a review of the police officer’s OPINION regarding the circumstances of their deployment. Needless to say they are often WRONG….
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This section introduces some “immediately useful” aspects of law in relation to Article 61 activism. Lawful rebellion seems like the perfect remedy for those who have woken up from the Matrix and observed the corruption, narcissism, paedophilia and all the other horrid behaviours by the psychopaths currently running the country. Moreover, given that Article 61 is unassailable as a defence against any government department, QUANGO or organisation, one might be forgiven for thinking that the need to know any statutory…
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Unlawful Detention & Habeas Corpus

If you are an activist then you are highly susceptible to arrest by the police who claim to have an array of powers over you. Yes we know about Article 61. Yes we know about ‘lawful excuse’ and yes we know that the police cannot lawfully arrest us for a statutory offence unless what we did was also a common law crime. Here’s the problem. The police do not know. They should know. Some do know but are told by their peers or superiors to…
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Breach of the Peace UK Definition

Breach of the Peace UK Definition An individual arrested to prevent a breach of the peace does not have to be taken before a court. There is no power to continue the person’s detention beyond the time where a recurrence or renewal of the breach of the peace is likely. The danger in any kind of activism is that the police step in to a legitimate situation and either misguidedly or for their own hidden agenda, start arresting people (or…
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