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Documents & Posters

Below is a simple poster, it is a smaller image version of a printable .pdf for an A4 poster that could go in your window – or just about anywhere you want. You can shrink it to A5 but I would avoid going any smaller! this was originally intended as a newspaper advert. Next is the Oath of Allegiance which you MUST send to one of the Barons in order to become lawfully installed in under Article 61. Without this (and…
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Breach of the Peace UK Definition

Breach of the Peace UK Definition An individual arrested to prevent a breach of the peace does not have to be taken before a court. There is no power to continue the person’s detention beyond the time where a recurrence or renewal of the breach of the peace is likely. The danger in any kind of activism is that the police step in to a legitimate situation and either misguidedly or for their own hidden agenda, start arresting people (or…
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