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Handcuffs = Assault

With an increase on the highly questionable use of handcuffs on members of the public we feel it is time you should be completely clear on the legitimacy of the use of handcuffs by the police (or anyone for that matter). EVERY use of handcuffs constitutes an assault. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Whether or not their deployment was ‘legal’ comes down to a review of the police officer’s OPINION regarding the circumstances of their deployment. Needless to say they are often WRONG….
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What is Agenda 21 –

Now renamed Agenda 2030. Our website’s primary purpose is to inform and educate the British public about the mechanism our ancestors put in place to protect us from a despotic government. Since their re-election the British government have not disappointed in the implementation of draconian measures and there are many more to come. It would not matter if Labour or the Greens were elected – they are all controlled by the same puppet-masters. Behind the scenes the policies which drive…
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Swearing at the Police

Now here is an interesting one. No one can deny that the use of foul language has become second nature to some people. Regrettably there are still a lot of folk in the big wide world who do not swear and moreover can be alarmed or offended by it. Why don’t you go and grow some f’ing balls then. Well, it’s not as easy as that. We should all be mindful of other people’s feelings – it is part of…
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Civil Arrest

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about the public’s power of civil arrest. Some activist groups are promoting it more aggressively than others. We would like to point out that whilst such a power exists, there has also grown up a mass of disinformation about the mechanism. Advice observed on some group pages is a clear recipe to get yourself arrested, Article 61 or not. We, the people of the UK have the same powers of arrest as any…
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Breach of the Peace UK Definition

Breach of the Peace UK Definition An individual arrested to prevent a breach of the peace does not have to be taken before a court. There is no power to continue the person’s detention beyond the time where a recurrence or renewal of the breach of the peace is likely. The danger in any kind of activism is that the police step in to a legitimate situation and either misguidedly or for their own hidden agenda, start arresting people (or…
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