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Below is a simple poster, it is a smaller image version of a printable .pdf for an A4 poster that could go in your window – or just about anywhere you want. You can shrink it to A5 but I would avoid going any smaller! this was originally intended as a newspaper advert. Next is the Oath of Allegiance which you MUST send to one of the Barons in order to become lawfully installed in under Article 61. Without this (and…
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In order to stand in “lawful rebellion” (standing under Ch.61 Magna Carta 1215) you MUST adequately demonstrate your intention – in law ‘mens rea’ (intention) is very significant. Crimes are comprised of the physical action (actus reus) and the mental intent (mens rea). If you are going to engage in “civil disobedience” under the guise of lawful rebellion, and claim “lawful excuse” for breaking some laws, you must be able to adequately prove the purpose for which you committed the act. Until…
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