Why Lawful Rebellion?

  This is by ROYAL COMMAND from the Magna Carta 1215, Article 61. “all those of our land, who, of themselves, and of their own accord, are unwilling to swear to the twenty-five Barons, to distress and harass us together with them, we will compel them by our command, to swear as aforesaid.” The Article was properly invoked when the Barons presented a petition to the monarch in accordance with Article 61, for the Treason of government to be addressed,…
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Election or Insurrection?

I am quite certain that when we woke up this morning (May 8 2015) that none of us expected the country would look like a huge duck pond. I have friends across the political spectrum and I don’t believe I’ve heard one of them show any expectation of the CLAIMED  ‘official’ result of the 2015 election. The more I look at the image to the left (which is missing only two remaining results), the more I become completely and hopelessly…
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What To Say If Dragged Into “Court”

(David Robinson posted in Facebook Practical Lawful Dissent.) How I may conduct a (NOT) court hearing…. Once you are in lawful rebellion what should you do if you are taken by force to a Private corporate enterprise (any court in the land other than directed by a grand jury of the people. See Michael of Benrnicia Post on the group wall for more on grand Juries)? So…you are taken into the doc with two private security guards at either side, they…
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In order to stand in “lawful rebellion” (standing under Ch.61 Magna Carta 1215) you MUST adequately demonstrate your intention – in law ‘mens rea’ (intention) is very significant. Crimes are comprised of the physical action (actus reus) and the mental intent (mens rea). If you are going to engage in “civil disobedience” under the guise of lawful rebellion, and claim “lawful excuse” for breaking some laws, you must be able to adequately prove the purpose for which you committed the act. Until…
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THE EVIDENCE FOR THE INVOCATION OF ARTICLE 61 Media Coverage   Peers use Magna Carta to oppose EU charter By Sarah Womack, Political Correspondent 12:00AM GMT 07 Feb 2001 A GROUP of peers will today use ancient rights granted under Magna Carta to urge the Queen to block further European integration. Their petition, presented under Clause 61 of the ancient charter, asks the Queen to withhold Royal Assent from the Nice Treaty. It has the backing of 65 Euro-sceptic peers…
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Welcome! This site is focused on Restoring the Rule of Law When the people are afraid of government it is called tyranny; when the government is afraid of the people it is called LIBERTY! We hope that you will be able to locate the information you want; we will do our very best to provide up-to-date information on the standing of the rebellion, the processes we use to defeat the treasonous government, judiciary and police and the mechanisms in place…
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