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BBC TV Licence

In recent years the matter of the BBC and its licence fee has become a hot topic. With increasing and prolific evidence of the BBC’s complicity in paedophilia with first the Jimmy Savile case, followed by numerous other allegations (some of which have been leaked in the recent report on the BBC), never has public confidence in this propaganda machine for the government been so low. Couple the sexual abuse scandal with the prolific bias in reporting in favour of…
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The Council Tax Fraud

As many no doubt know by now we are not big fans of Council Tax. Many lawful rebels withhold but the system is very much entrenched against civil disobedience in this matter. On the one hand, magistrates courts unlawfully rubber stamp hundreds of liability orders at a time, from summonses which were issued by the council without judicial oversight, liability orders used by local authorities to use bully-boy enforcement agents like Ross & Roberts to intimidate money with menaces out…
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Civil Arrest

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about the public’s power of civil arrest. Some activist groups are promoting it more aggressively than others. We would like to point out that whilst such a power exists, there has also grown up a mass of disinformation about the mechanism. Advice observed on some group pages is a clear recipe to get yourself arrested, Article 61 or not. We, the people of the UK have the same powers of arrest as any…
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De-Arrest An important matter which has come to our attention is that police officers have been stating that if a private citizen arrests another person (or a police officer) the police have the power to “de-arrest” them.  No such concept exists in British law! It has the same meaning and validity as claiming one could “de-punch” a person after hitting them! It simply cannot happen. ANY police officer who claims they can de-arrest someone is committing fraud, Malfeasance and Misfeasance and…
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What To Say If Dragged Into “Court”

(David Robinson posted in Facebook Practical Lawful Dissent.) How I may conduct a (NOT) court hearing…. Once you are in lawful rebellion what should you do if you are taken by force to a Private corporate enterprise (any court in the land other than directed by a grand jury of the people. See Michael of Benrnicia Post on the group wall for more on grand Juries)? So…you are taken into the doc with two private security guards at either side, they…
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