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THE EVIDENCE FOR THE INVOCATION OF ARTICLE 61 Media Coverage   Peers use Magna Carta to oppose EU charter By Sarah Womack, Political Correspondent 12:00AM GMT 07 Feb 2001 A GROUP of peers will today use ancient rights granted under Magna Carta to urge the Queen to block further European integration. Their petition, presented under Clause 61 of the ancient charter, asks the Queen to withhold Royal Assent from the Nice Treaty. It has the backing of 65 Euro-sceptic peers…
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Magna Carta Society Statement

THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT BY THE MAGNA CARTA SOCIETY, WHICH PRECEDED THE 2001 BARONS’ PETITION Sovereign Authority We have already argued that the ultimate powers of sovereignty remain in the sole possession of the monarch. Indeed, it is the unique covenant between sovereign and people that stands as the bulwark supporting our constitution and rights. The sovereign is the court of last resort, the only person who can stand finally between the people and renegade politicians. Indeed, we would go further. It…
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