One Video to Change Your Life

The following video has been produced to acquaint people with the basic facts regarding our present predicament – and we make no bones about it – Britain is facing a crisis like no other. Most people believe we won the Second World War. Most people are wrong. The war never ended. In the early 40’s the Nazi regime produced a backup plan for a scenario where they failed to win the war by military force. It is called the European…
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Election or Insurrection?

I am quite certain that when we woke up this morning (May 8 2015) that none of us expected the country would look like a huge duck pond. I have friends across the political spectrum and I don’t believe I’ve heard one of them show any expectation of the CLAIMED  ‘official’ result of the 2015 election. The more I look at the image to the left (which is missing only two remaining results), the more I become completely and hopelessly…
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