What Can We Do To Help?

The million dollar question. What is it YOU want to accomplish? Are you a diplomat? Are you a communicator? Are you a refuse collector? It REALLY doesn’t matter. The one thing this country is lacking right now is people willing to fight for it. I don’t mean brawling – and for the avoidance of doubt, the one thing that Lawful Rebellion detests above all else is violence – I mean be willing to stand up and be counted. You don’t need to be a prolific writer, speaker, motivator – one of my fellow rebels Danielle is one of the sweetest, meek and (in the nicest possible way) timid creatures has brought ten times the number of people into Lawful Rebellion than I. Why? Network connections, personality, dedication – a deep seated belief that what Danielle is doing is right and honourable. Whether or not I have any of the above qualities is immaterial – I am disabled, significantly immobile with a majority of my friends in other countries right now. Odds are – you are nothing like me and that is most definitely your advantage!

So what can YOU do? Tell your friends! I don’t mean down the pub saying “I was on a lawful rebellion website last night;” I mean taking a few moments to get to grips with the truth behind this movement, realising that YOU are in fact holding the sovereign power of this country in your hands, that YOU have the power to change this country for the better – in a non-political way and have the confidence to believe that you are right to want to fight for social justice.

Here is a list of things that YOU can do to make a difference:

  1. Learn about Lawful Rebellion. I don’t mean spend the next six months with your head buried in books on the constitution – or even spend weeks reading all the material you can find. Most of what you most urgently need to know can be found right here or on the Practical Lawful Dissent Facebook group. Simply gain a firm handle on
    1. Magna Carta being irrevocable and unrepealable by parliament
    2. Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 (don’t get bogged down in Ye Olde English language version)
    3. The need to submit your Oath to the Barons’ Committee to be legitimate
    4. Lawful Excuse
    5. The invocation of Article 61 in March 2001 (and it still being in force)
    6. The supremacy of Common Law over statute law
  2. TELL YOUR FRIENDS that there is a remedy to the rapid decline of Britain. http://lawfulrebellion.info/
  3. Disrupt the government and all its departments as much as humanly possible (Article 61 demands this from each of us). Be sensible here – there might be a temptation to go overboard. Bear in mind that some departments are more critical to our infrastructure than others – nuisance calls to the emergency services could cost lives, limbs or property to innocent parties. The NHS may be a government department but we all rely on it and they do a damn fine job whilst being woefully under-resourced. Use your noggin and don’t screw things up for your fellow peaceful inhabitants of the town or city – people can be very unforgiving when their lives are innocently interfered with, no matter how noble the intention! Here are some examples of what you could do:
    1. Stop paying tax, NI, VAT, Duty, Council Tax. More HERE. Think twice about road tax unless you REALLY know what you are doing – even some of our veterans have come a cropper with this.
    2. Refuse to cooperate with the police, local authorities, government departments, judiciary and courts (some experience needed with this option). Parking tickets are a good place to start with until you build confidence -but don’t make a nuisance to other people with inappropriate parking just to make a point to the traffic warden!
    3. Seize government buildings. You are entitled to do this under Article 61 but read up on breach of the peace; take a print out of the legal definition with you so you can thwart the police if they try to pull a fast one.
    4. Put your dissenting actions on You Tube and other video sharing websites. Always take a video camera and record everything you do – it is as much for your legal and physical safety as it is for informing the public. Most modern phones have pretty good cameras but you can get some really decent Go-Pro replicas off eBay these days. Take a look for SJ4000’s and similar.
    5. Refuse to cooperate with big businesses, especially multi-nationals. Leave the small businesses alone, times are hard. (Be cautious with this example as it could lead to all kinds of trouble – not paying your gas bill will likely make you very cold, unhappy, unpopular with your partner & kids and land a charge on your house).
    6. Organise talks. Use the PLD Facebook Group to coordinate with experienced members who might be able to come and offer a presentation. Once you are confident of your material there is nothing stopping you from conducting the talks yourself. Even if it is to two or three people at the rear of a pub. We need boots on the ground – and soon!
    7. Put up a Notice or poster in your house, dorm, workplace or flat window (if close enough to the highway for people to see) – or in your car rear window (do not obstruct vision). Here is an A4 example.
    8. Print up 100 business cards from one of those cheapy machines for a few quid in shopping centres. Leave them wanting more, rather than putting lots of tiny text that no-one can read. Leave one behind everywhere you go. Put one in an envelope when you pay your bills, at the petrol station counter, in a supermarket freezers – anywhere! Don’t put your personal details on!
    9. Blog. Blog like your life depends on it – but be absolutely certain you understand what you are writing and do not incite rowdiness or disorder. Once in LR and having ‘lawful excuse’ does not immunise you against common law – and breach of the peace is a common law crime! There is NO immunity to it.
    10. One-page websites or mini-sites, mobile friendly with intelligent use of keywords.
    11. Learn some law. In lawful rebellion we have found that Article 61 is an unassailable defence but statute law is what is needed to go on the offensive.
    12. Avoid freeman on the land material. Much of it is double-think and 95% of it is quite useless. Much of what did work 5 or 10 years ago has been circumvented now. LR under Article 61 is much, MUCH more powerful because it is constitutional LAW and cannot be argued away by any judge or barrister. They have tried hard – and failed abysmally!
    13. Be genuine. If you don’t really believe what you are saying, people can tell. L.R. is NOT a remedy to avoid paying your bills. It is not about beating bailiffs or conditionally accepting your loans – be HONOURABLE with your creditors and choose your battles wisely.
    14. Raise awareness of local corruption. Rest assured there are hundreds of people watching every move of the big names in society, business and politics whilst at the same time the local or parish councillors are getting away with murder with impunity because they think no one cares. BE MINDFUL OF SLANDER AND LIBEL they are Torts (a wrong done outside of a contract) and could cost you badly if you cannot substantiate your case.
Nothing on this website is to be construed as legal advice.