What To Say If Dragged Into “Court”

(David Robinson posted in Facebook Practical Lawful Dissent.)

How I may conduct a (NOT) court hearing….

Once you are in lawful rebellion what should you do if you are taken by force to a Private corporate enterprise (any court in the land other than directed by a grand jury of the people. See Michael of Benrnicia Post on the group wall for more on grand Juries)?

So…you are taken into the doc with two private security guards at either side, they have removed the handcuffs and you are standing. The magistrates (corporate directors, presumed trustees) or Judge (Director acting ultra vires _ above his jurisdiction and in a quisling capacity – aiding and abetting treason, as are all the magistrates) ask you if you are so and so……..now I can only state what I would say or similar, you may decide on a different approach?

I would say rather loudly OBJECTION! (object at every point). You have no authority to demand anything from me whatsoever sir!…. I am here under duress of circumstances whilst in lawful rebellion standing under constitutional law and the invocation of article 61 of Magna Carta 1215, and I do not consent to this unlawful service, nor can I do so under the rule of law. To proceed against me would be to attempt to coerce me into committing a serious criminal offence under common law, I have lawful excuse to deny such a service. You are acting ultra vires and in a quisling capacity and I demand that any hearing is to be held according to due process of law, under the protections of the common laws of this land and in a properly convened court de jure and in open forum, so that ‘justice may be seen to be done’.

You will likely be shouted down but stick with it and state it regardless.

You are a sovereign being, a living man or woman not a legal fiction. In law (under the common law) there is god, and then you, and then the judge, show no fear and stand in your power. To oppose the constitutional law is an act of high treason; they don’t like it up em!

You would likely be threatened with contempt, or some claim of psychiatric disorder at that point….no matter what they threaten you with object using the same retort as above and more…..

I would then respond to any further harassment asking if he/they are going to deny you due process of law and commit high treason today. Further stating that the crown has NO jurisdiction since Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 was invoked on the 23rd March 2001 and, since she has breached the coronation oath and deposed herself of the title of constitutional monarch. Again demanding that they cease and desist with this unlawful charade, claiming kidnap and to be released immediately.

I would likely turn to a peace constable at some point and ask if he/she is standing under their oath of office today? Pressing him/her for a reply….further pressure maybe used by informing him/her that he/she has a duty to observe the common law, and to act without fear nor favour under it…. that the hearing is a travesty of injustice and criminal as it is not a court of law but merely a private corporate entity acting without consent or lawful contract nor jurisdiction, and operating under treasonous legislation.

Also stating that as I had taken an oath of allegiance to the common law tenet of article 61, via the barons petition to the office of sovereign, and invocation of said article, also reciting the reference to the readily available evidence for this which is – The daily Telegraph report ‘Lords petition queen on Europe’ reported on the 24th March 2001. Also the letters between Sir Robin Janvrin (alleged monarchs private secretary) and the committee of the barons All can be viewed online.

I would then inform him/her that the judge or magistrate is acting ultra vires and compounding treason under the constitution laws of the land and, that he/she has a duty of care to investigate the claims or be guilty of the same.

Take down his number and ask his or her name…..also ask the name of any judge or Magistrate and ask them to spell it. Be authoritative in asking.

I realize I am ignoring the fact that the bench would be attempting to silence you or intimidate you, but these are the things I would state at whatever juncture they could be said at, and not necessarily in this order. It would be a battle to do this so don’t be under any illusions, but quite a lot of fun to do too :0)….but only if taken I was there against my will…otherwise I would be there of course.

You can also threaten them back if you like? stating, that they are committing a serious tort against you and that you may use Article 52 of Magna Carta 1215 to demand the barons committee convene to seek remedy, or by a Grand jury of the people for justice to be done, and that I will bring claim against them for the torts, along with a claim of high treason at common law. reminding them that Tony Blair did not repeal the death penalty for high treason in 1998, as he had already committed three counts of treason and therefore had no lawful authority, and that it is an act of treason at common law to attempt to repeal that Act.

I would not plead nor give any name or sit or stand when told. I may be inclined to put some of these points as questions i.e. Do you have jurisdiction under the law whist the invocation of article 61 is in effect, or whilst the breach of the coronation Oath is not remedied? Questions don’t create controversy but who cares about controversy it’s not a court anyway so I would be as controversial as I could be!

I am more inclined personally to tell them rather then ask them but I have got a lot of facts already stated within my many Notices and affidavits to call on for my defence…. I would not be afraid to state that I was entirely Contemptuous of the court as it is NOT a court of law. And that they have no authority to make any demands whatsoever which is evidential in fact.

Demanding remedy is kind of double think because they nor the board room of Tesco’s can provide it, the two are not that dissimilar.

I would not use any of the legal acts and statutes against them that just gives them credibility by doing so… ‘Double think’, but demand due process of law to be observed, justice cannot be denied or delayed under common law.

‘Lawful excuse’ is recognised even in their deceptive courts…. it is a common law tool as is ‘duress of circumstances’. The fact that we are policed by consent admitted recently by the criminal home secretary cannot be denied truthfully. Always restate that you do not consent to the hearing and that no lawful contract is in existence and, even if it were then it would be unlawful for you to consent to it in such treasonable times, and that it is the lawful duty of all sovereign people to reject such criminality under the law and on ethical or moral grounds.

If you are planning to do some serious distressing of the regime, it maybe a good idea to get a psychiatric evaluation documented prepared, stating that you are in good condition mentally; they do try to get people who can run this way sectioned if they can…..

I’m sure I will have missed some things in this post and others will probably have a different approach than I would use. I trust this is still worth knowing though.

I swear to the best of my first hand knowledge that all the above is the lawful truth as to my understanding. I would, and have sworn so on penalty of perjury in affidavits and notices to most if not all the above facts.

The result would either be that I was released without any demands or I would be incarcerated by those willfully committing extremely serious offences. If I were unsupported at the hearing with no public gallery I may play things a little more tactfully but other than that, with witnesses to the event I would give them hell.



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  1. Jeff Glass

    This is all very good information, I am at present “entangled” in a court case with Anglian Water and have sent a defence based on Halsburys in that all county courts and Magistrates courts do (should) not exist under common law but I would love a few more arguments to go at them with. I suppose I should do my Lawful rebellion form first.
    Anyway great info guys and keep up the good work.

  2. wayne howard

    Jeff Glass would love to chat with you sometime I am being hounded by 2 injunctions against me and now again so calld breaches of these judges orders, judge already given me 21 days for a light on my house and 7 days for calling a man a pedo which i proved i had not said at the time. judge refused found me guilty but now getting ordered to court again plus there trying to charge my home……….all civil courts and read a little about Halsburys saying they can not exist but they seem to be there no matter how many times I state I do not consent to them.

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