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  1. This is by ROYAL COMMAND from the Magna Carta 1215, Article 61.

“all those of our land, who, of themselves, and of their own accord, are unwilling to swear to the twenty-five Barons, to distress and harass us together with them, we will compel them by our command, to swear as aforesaid.”

  1. The Article was properly invoked when the Barons presented a petition to the monarch in accordance with Article 61, for the Treason of government to be addressed, as our land has been placed under the rule of a foreign power by our government, and that petition was then replied to by the monarch, who stated that the queen would not address the grievances, but instead take the Treasonous advice of parliament.


  1. This means that the power of Royal Assent has been lost. The Royal Assent exists so that the monarch may ensure that only lawful acts are passed through parliament. Without Royal Assent our law has no protection from abrogation by PSYCHOPATHS. Furthermore, the most important function of the monarch is to protect the law.


(Royal Assent was actually unlawfully removed long ago; however it is only through the petition made according to Article 61 that this has now been formally evidenced).

  1. In the present situation, the law commands that we each remove our constitutional allegiance to the monarch by swearing allegiance to the Barons’ committee for the purpose of bringing about the restoration of law. By so doing we remove ourselves from the authority of all Crown agencies. (The law does not state that we must each swear an oath in front of a convened baron’s committee. We can swear our Oath, in front of witnesses and then send the witnessed oath to a member of the Barons’ committee, and that act HAS LAWFUL STANDING).
  1. Being in LAWFUL REBELLION means that we must not cede authority to the TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT in any way, whether by paying taxes, signing petitions, voting etc. ANYTHING which cedes authority to agents of the Crown or its bodies including their unlawful courts (administrative courts have no authority in any case, yet they claim it and so are therefore unlawful) is now DISALLOWED BY LAW. (It is understood that in order to live, people are forced to cede authority in some way, such as using their paper money, because one would die otherwise. These things are all done under duress and therefore have NO STANDING IN LAW. In other words you have lawful excuse).

WE SHOULD UNDERSTAND ALSO that even without the invocation of Article 61, the funding of crime, terrorism and Treason are ALL ILLEGAL UNDER STATUTE LAW and therefore nobody should be paying taxes or funding or otherwise supporting the government in any way, in any case.


  1. THE BARONS HAVE RUN AWAY. They have not acted as commanded by Article 61, after their petition to the Queen was dishonoured. As it is a LAWFUL ROYAL COMMAND which they have ignored it is our duty to either compel them to obey or if that is impossible to somehow ensure that the posts of the baron’s committee are filled with people who will act under the law and obey the Royal Command in Article 61.
  1. The barons represent the people in their interface with the Crown. The authority of the barons comes from the sovereignty of the people. Just as with the delinquent Monarch, when the barons abrogate their duty they lose their authority automatically, and that sovereignty returns to us.
  1. Point (7) creates a unique circumstance in a constitutional monarchy, where sovereignty is passed through barons to the monarch, whereby the people find themselves holding their own sovereignty in their hands. We are at this point all actually sovereign individuals.
  1. Article 61 says we can seize the buildings of power, and in doing so we may eject the Traitorous regime (or compel the monarch to).*(actual wording: “shall distress and harass us by all the ways in which they are able [9]; that is to say, by the taking of our castles, lands, and possessions [10], and by any other means in their power”).*We just need the numbers, as all action must be peaceful and in accordance with the law. Our job now is to draw all people to stand under Article 61. A copy of an oath which has been sent and proof of posting proves that you are standing under Article 61 and places you under the full protection of the Magna Carta 1215.
  1. The EU troops or the UN “world army” will descend on us to impose global governance via the EU if they get the excuse to intervene, and there will be slaughter and the loss of anything we ever cared about just like you have seen recently in far too many places. The ONLY way to prevent this is to stick to our World-known and respected CONSTITUTIONAL LAW and insist on restoring it. Any other kind of action, including especially the street protests that enemy agents like Russell Brand will have people doing will only give the enemy a chance to stage provocations and create an excuse to act. And should we all behave anyway, beware, for the main modus operandi of our enemy is to stage faked events and broadcast them as news to created a precedent.

We must peacefully occupy the buildings of power when we have enough people to do so, and we must be prepared to be absolutely ruthless if we have to stop agitators amongst us from causing trouble. We have to understand this. The agitators are the enemy and they must not be allowed. If you are not certain about this beforehand, you will fail to act appropriately when necessary. However you prevent agitators from creating violence, you can rest that you are doing so to prevent greater harm. Nobody wishing our success will create violence in our lawful rebellion.

  1. If everyone hides away and ignores the situation then provocations will be staged and we will get the intervention forces anyway.

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